🔥 Announcing Official Postman Workspaces from SailPoint 🔥

As you can see, we’ve begun to invest more in our developer experience, like our upcoming conference just for developers.

Today, we continue that investment by announcing the official SailPoint Postman Workspaces (read: collections) for SailPoint platforms! Gone are the days of manually importing OpenAPI specs and building new collections, always wondering if there has been an update!

There are some important notes for each platform below and instructions on how to use the workspace, so please, read carefully!


This workspace will officially support collections for the following:

  • IdentityNow V3
  • IdentityNow Beta
  • SaaS Connectivity

This workspace will unofficially support collections for the following:

  • IdentityNow V2
  • IdentityNow cc (sometimes called private)

Note about unofficially supporting V2 and cc/private APIs: we know this is something that has been asked for often, and while there is no formal support for these APIs from the product, we’ve decided to do our best to support them in the developer community. If you find issues with the V2/cc collections, please let us know and we will fix them as you find them. This will be a community effort to help us maintain V2 and cc/private API calls.


We are actively working on improving this collection with the IdentityIQ engineering team. Going forward, we’ll support IdentityIQ APIs in Postman, and they’ll receive the same quality of treatment as our IdentityNow APIs going forward.

This workspace will officially support collections for the following:

  • IdentityIQ SCIM APIs

Getting Started

You will forever find the SailPoint Postman workspace for your respective product at the following links:

Each of the topics above will have steps on how to use them, so please click into them to get started.

We may run into some bumps in the road during this initial release. Let us know of any issues you find, big or small, and we’ll work on getting it sorted out.


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@jordan_violet This announcment is straight fire

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@Thad_Anders @glenwickert @chris_wu - we have your collections now, always up to date with the latest API :slight_smile:

@justinrhaines - we are now including cc/private, and v2 APIs. They are documented unofficially, so please keep an eye out for discrepancies and we will fix them.


You’ve outdone yourselves! Thanks so much.

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Thanks for the kind feedback, @pmartinezclango, we genuinely love to hear it!

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