Official: IdentityIQ Postman Workspace

IdentityIQ Postman Workspace

Here you will find the official Postman Workspace for IdentityIQ APIs. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or issues with this workspace or any collections within, let us know here.

Getting Started

You will forever find the IdentityIQ workspace here: IdentityIQ Postman workspace

You can also click this button :arrow_down:

API Postman Collection
IdentityIQ SCIM API Run in Postman

When you navigate this link, you’ll see our workspace, and you’ll find the collections of APIs on the left-hand side. Read the following guide to learn how to use them:

Fork the Collection

  1. Hover over the collection you’d like to fork, click the ellipse on right-hand side, and click ‘Create a fork’.

  1. Choose a label for your forked collection, choose the workspace that you’d like to fork it into (usually “My Workspace,” unless you know what you’re doing), and ensure that ‘Watch original collection’ is checked.

  1. Click the ‘Fork Collection’ button.

Getting Collection Updates

This is the big one, right? What about when the APIs get updated? Thankfully, Postman has a feature built-in for this, and it ties back to your ensuring that the ‘Watch original collection’ option is checked.

All you have to do now to check for updates is this - in your own personal workspace where you forked the collection, do the following:

  1. Hover over the collection, click the ellipse on the right-hand side, and click ‘Pull changes.’

  1. If there are no new changes, then you are up to date. If there are new changes, it will look like the following image. Just click the Pull Changes button, and that’s it!

Collection Features

In addition to managing the collections for you, we’ll continue to add features as they’re requested and we can get to them. Got a collection/workspace level request? Let us know here!