Alternative ways to match the limitation of worflow loop allowing 100 iterations

Hi All,

The use case we have is to check identities that are in offboarding lcs and check if the expected accounts are disabled. If not trigger disable of that account. This si to address any connector issue when the identity enters that lcs state. We tried to use scheduled trigger, to trigger every night and use search query to fetch accounts matching the criteria then loop thru the identites and disable one by one.

However we understand that loop has a limitation of only 100 iterations. Is there any alternative for this use case or how do we handle the loop limitation.


Hi Narmada,
Actualy documentation states that the input list cannot have more than 100 items - it’s not really iteration limit. What I would suggest to have “paging like” approach, so to make loop in the loop that would allow you to iterate through the objects in 100 item chunks.

Hi Narmada,

You may want to take a look at this thread from @colin_mckibben.

It uses recursive looping with an expression $.trigger[:100] to get the first hundred items in the loop and then $.trigger[100:] to get the next 100 and so on.

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