Workflow loop inside loop?

Hi! I am working in a worklow that get all identities action (with some filtering query). Then, I attach its output tu a loop. Then, for each identity in the loop, I would need to use get accounts action, and then the manage accounts in order to disable them. But I am not being able to use loop inside another loop. I tried altering at worflow json level, but only broke workflow :slight_smile: is some solution to this, or perhaps I have to put the account thing in another workflow, and call it from the first one? Thanks!

Can you post some screenshots of your workflow?

Have you tried using identities[*].accounts as input to the loop?

Hi people, thanks very much for response. We are at a go live this week and have to left this demand slept until next week. I will return then. @iamnithesh yes I tried with identities[*].accounts but after run accounts remained enabled.

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