Administrator Permissions for the SharePoint Online Connector

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the setup of SharePoint online connector. I’ve already created the app on Azure with all required API Permissions and I am able to do a successful ‘Test Connection’ as well. While running account aggregation, I got an ‘Insufficient Permission exception’ which made me realize I had missed Administrator Permissions part of the setup. My question is do I use the Client ID and secret generated in the Azure app (which I am using for test connection) for setting up Admin permissions ? The document says we should create a new Client ID and secret which is confusing me. Any help will be appreciated.


hi @mannshaia

Have you included permission as mentioned in the guide?

Grant Access and Full Control Permissions (

We have the same issue, we have followed the guide and granted access and full control permissions in SPO. The confusion on what client ID and secret we need to use in our application configuration. Should we use SharePoint Online client id/secret or the Azure app registration client id/secret?

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