Configure Salesforce Application OOTB Connector Step by Step

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.2

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we are setting up a new application (salesforce OOTB), and following the Sailpoint documentation about the connector, but I there’s some detail information missing in my opinion.

We were able to do account aggregation but still not able to do a request account from identityIQ to Salesforce, having related to create an identity from Sailpoint to IdentityIQ it doesn’t work.

There any body having a step-by-step guide for me to check what I’am missing or is wrong.

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Paulo Torrinha

Have you configured the Application provisioning policy for account creation ?
if not, you need to the following.

  1. First create Application Create Provisioning Policy
  2. Then request a Salesforce group for user who doesn’t have any Salesforce account and see if you able to create the account.
  3. if not please check the provisioning transaction in the admin console for errors.


I can tell you that integration with Salesforce is not simple and not something you can just write a quick doc about. The OOTB connector is not much more than a framework around the REST connector, and as such you need to be educated about the native REST interface to Salesforce as well as understand the documentation of the SailPoint connector. I did this integration with 7 different Salesforce tenants for a client, about 2 years ago. I did have to write code, rules for provisioning policies, rules to reconfigure the roles when changing tenant signatures, etc. It’s a beast. When I did that client it had 3 different group object types, you will need to manage those. You will also have to reverse tokenize and forward tokenize for each of your environments.

I was expecting to be much more simpler than you described…


I already was able to create an account on salesforce, I’m now working on “Update/Delete” but I can’t get it working, I defined a Provisioning Policy and Form but it doesn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated.



Paulo Torrinha

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