Active Directory group description not getting sync with SailPoint from AD

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.2

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Description not updated from AD.docx (95.1 KB)

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The AD groups are created fine at first time through AD group aggregation, and the description field is also synced in both standard properties and object properties. When we modified the description field in AD and ran the AD group aggregation task, the description was not getting synced in standard properties but updated in object properties. Is this a SailPoint product issue? We are using the 8.2p5 IIQ version.

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Do you have the group refresh rule and are you updating the description within the refresh rule, if not you have to do that to make sure your description is updated in Standard Properties as well

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Did you try this

Thanks Satish.

It is working. Used the below code in group refresh rule.

String description = obj.getAttribute("description");
if (null != description && !"".equals(description)){
  accountGroup.addDescription(Locale.US.toString(), description);

return accountGroup;

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