Azure Active Directory connector populating entitlements incorrectly


The entitlements are not aggregating properly on our newly configured Azure Active Directory source. The description is being populated to the displayName field, and nothing is populating to the description field.
We created the source in our sandbox first, and all entitlement displayNames and descriptions populate correctly. The configurations between both production and sandbox sources match.
Since this process is handled on SailPoint backend, we are not clear on how to affect it. Please advise as to how we might correct this issue.

See upload for example:

AzureAD_Entitlements_Not_Populating_Correctly.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Hi @jnymeyer,

If all configurations match between your sandbox and production tenants, you might have to raise a support ticket at SailPoint Support.

Hi @jnymeyer - You’ll need to perform an entitlement aggregation for your source to pull in the display names and descriptions for all entitlements. Double check Azure AD entitlement desc in not updated since last pulled in Sandbox. Also, follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the below document and see if this helps. Thanks

Hi Kartik,

The configurations do indeed match. I have opened a ticket with support.

Thank you.


Hi Sahil,

We have performed an entitlement aggregation and troubleshooting according to documentation. We have opened a ticket with support. Thank you.

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