Account lock and unlock issue in IdentityNow

Can anyone suggest me some idea on one use case. We have few Active Directory direct connect services in IdentityNow. Whenever there is account lock, we have to run account aggregation to reflect the lock status for that account, then only we can do unlock from Saipoint console. But its practically not logical to do aggregation when there is report of account lock by any user. Although we have scheduled account aggregation but Sailpoint admin can’t wait for that schedule aggregation to get finish. So do we have any other option to handle this situation, like whenever there is account lock from server side, it trigger some kind of process to show that account as lock in Sailpoint console.

Hi @hranjan3 , you can use “Native Change Account Updated” event trigger, which is a recent launched feature by SailPoint, that helps you detect the account update change in the source system like AD, and you can write a workflow on this to notify your team or respective team or something like that.

# Native Change Account Updated

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