Access Request Preapproval Event Trigger

Hi All,

I’m thinking of implementing access request preapproval event trigger along with manual approval in IdentityNow and I have already went through this doc.

I have few questions about Access Request Submitted event trigger. Really appreciate if anyone can help to clarify those

  • If I use ASYNC or DYNAMIC response type, then in IdentityNow when will manual approval get created? Will it get created only after getting the response back?

  • If we get approved: false in the response, then in IdentityNow will manual approvals get created or access request will terminate?
    In document, it’s given “If you have configured the application to require a manual approval from another IdentityNow user, you can display the risk calculation details for the approver to make an informed access request decision.” so I assume that it’ll create manual approvals even if approved: false is return as a response. But what if in case of approved: false I want to terminate the access request, then how can this be achieved?