Access Request PreApproval Event Trigger- Multiple Access profiles get passed as body

Hi All,

When someone is raising a request for multiple access profiles (say 2 access Profiles ), then 2 access request line items are created but both the requests get passed to the same Access Request PreApproval Event Subscription.

Example: John raises access request for AP1 and AP2.
2 request line items are created for API1 and AP2 in My Requests page.

The Access request preapproval event trigger is getting triggered only once and passes both API1 and AP2 in the JSON body.

Is this expected? ideally, the Event trigger should also get called for AP1 and AP2 individually similar to the way the requests are split.
if someone has to take a decision on the event trigger, say AP1 is approved and AP2 is rejected, then its not possible now. Any action returned by the Event subscription is applied on both the requests.

Please advise.


Hi Arjun,

I agree with your conclusion. This sounds like the event trigger isn’t working as desired. Can you please submit a support ticket with the exact information that you shared here? Support can route this issue to the correct team(s) internally to get it resolved. Let me know if you have any issues.

I went ahead and created an engineering ticket for this so you don’t need to submit a support ticket. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention so we can improve this event trigger.

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We now have a fix for this, and it will be released after Navigate. More details to come soon.