Access Request keeps the cache version of the source even when we modified it


I’m currently implementing a web service connector, and it has been a few days that whenever I make a change to the operations (whether online or through the API), it doesn’t take the changes into accounts and I have to restart the VA cluster to clear the cache and get the changes applied.
Therefore my questions are:

  1. Why?
  2. Is there a better way to clear the cache and ensure every time I test after modifying the source, it takes it into account?

Thank you

I seen this issue before. Connector cache is only cleared/refreshed when test-connection fails. Basically every time I update connector I also temporarily update connector config creds to force test connection failure. For us it was less impactful that restarting VA cluster.

Thank you, I will try that next time it happens!

I’ve also heard changing the description also helps to update the connector.

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