Access request is not completing in idn -serviceDesk

Hi Team,

Once we request role or entitlement from identity Now, RITM is getting created and we are able to close RITM from servicenow side, However access request is still in (executing) pending status.

SNOW request:

Anything is required from idn side to complete access request from pending?

Hi @saikumar39

IdentityNow check REQ and not RITM.

Can you check your REQ status ? an ensure that status mapping is correctly define in your SDIM (Service Desk) configuration ?

This api is also used for time check configuration update
By default it’s 4 hours, that mean every hours IdentityNow check REQ status into servicenow. But you can modify that. And minimum time check periode is 15 minutes.

Hy @ousmane,

We have changed configuration to 15 mints but it is not even getting completed in 4 hours, and I have verified status of request and it is showing approved .

PFB for ref:

Hi @saikumar39

Do you confirm the status mapping configuration is correctly configured in ServiceDesk configuration ?

Can you please check if I’m missing anything in status mapping .

Mapping done based on service now team inputs.

In our case we use default ServiceNow status name :

You can ask your service now team about “Request state” technical values for update your mapping :

As in Service Desk integration documents for RITM snow tickets, It was numbers like i mentioned in below screenshot.

And i have tried with technical names as well but no luck.

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