Workflows define variable (beta) failures

Hi team,

Some issues I found with workflows define variable action.

1: If you create a workflow and use the action Define Variable (beta), you can add multiple operators. Once you do that, the previous operators are hidden like this:

You have to click away from the action and open it again to see all operators:

2: You can’t remove operators easily through the UI, only add them.

3: You need to specify at least one operator or it will fail. There are use cases where we don’t need any operator. Maybe the transformation is already happening through the jsonpath in variable1 and we would like to store that value to a variable.

Hi @angelo_mekenkamp ,

It looks like the Define Variable operator is now out of beta, and it comes with a fancy new UI that may solve the issues you have highlighted in this post. I encourage you to check out the new UI for Define Variable. For now, I will close this topic since it relates to a UI that is no longer active. If you encounter any issues or have any ideas for the new UI, please let us know in a new topic.

FYI, the new UI is being rolled out in phases. If you don’t see it now, it will be coming to your tenant soon.

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