Workflow to raise request for removal of Role after termination

Hi Team,

I have created a workflow for raising a request for removing requested roles in IdentityNow as we are not able to remove them after user is terminated.

The issue what I am seeing is that if the user did not have any requested roles the workflow fails. What I want is to check in the workflow is that if the user does not have any requested roles it should get completed but I am struggling to check the not null part in the workflow.

I am using $.getAccess.accessItems[?( != “”)] but it is not working in Manage Access step of the workflow.

Have anyone tried not null filter in Manage Access workflow step and can guide as to how we can use it in workflow?

You can use the Verify Data Type operator to check if the array is null. Here is a sample configuration. If element 0 exists, it will evaluate true. If the array is empty, then it evaluates false.

Than you @colin_mckibben You made my day.

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