Unable to verify null in workflow

I’ve been trying to make simple workflow to verify for null value using ‘Verify Data Type’ operator, but no luck.
I am using ‘Get Pending Access Requests’ action, and calling ‘Loop’ to iterate each item from the action response. Inside the loop, I used ‘Verify Data Type’ to check ‘removeDate’ attribute value. If value is null then send email (success), otherwise email (failure). I didn’t receive either success/failure email.
Can you let me know what could be the issue in verifying null value?



Verify Data Type:

  • Kalyan Mutya

In the data type dropdown, there’s a “Is Null” option. You should be able to select this directly to check for the NULL condition.

Yes, i tried this option as well. But it didn’t worked.

Value: $.loop.loopInput[?(@.removeDate)]
Data Type: Is Null

We have 2 records rom ‘Get Pending Access Requests’. I am sending success/failure mail from loop, but no email received.
“removeDate”: null,
“removeDate”: “2023-11-17T18:30Z”,

Did you confirm that email is configured for “Intended Recipients” vs. “Test Address” (with another email or distribution list)? I’ve been tripped up numerous times by this when I’m expecting email, but IDN is redirecting it based on this setting.

@kalyanmutya this is possibly an issue with your JSONpath. The loopInput shouldn’t be an array, it should be a single item from the Get Pending Access Requests. Therefore, you shouldn’t need the JSONpath array filter syntax. Try this JSONpath in your Verify Data Type.


Try the “Exists” and the “Is Null” options to see if either one works.

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Thaks @colin_mckibben This is working.


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