Workflow Steps Break Apart

In my ISC Sandbox instance, I am running into a very annoying bug when saving certain workflows.

The bug itself: upon saving or updating workflows with “Loop” operators in them, the links between steps suddenly breaks. The links don’t always break in the same way; sometimes 2 or more steps stay linked but break away from the other steps and sometimes every step breaks apart. The steps both inside and outside the “Loop” operator end up breaking apart. This requires me to manually re-link the steps and try to continue to make updates to the workflow before the steps break apart again.

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@dominick-miller - I have also been intermittently running into the same issue and have notified product engineering. They are actively looking for others experiencing the issue - If you haven’t already can you start a support case and include time stamps for the events and any screen shots or video you may have taken of the issue. We are working hard to determine what the issue is and resolve it quickly :slight_smile:

Same issue here, in both sand box and production. I have wasted so much time fixing it when it happens. Sometimes I can back it up and try different things and it eventually saves, but it takes so much time to do so. SailPoint has been absolute garbage lately. Submitted a ticket to support so they can “investigate” for a month and let me know it’s a known issue.


This has now been fixed. If you are still experiencing this issue, please let us know.

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