Workflow Slowness

Hi there,

We are experiencing issues with version 8.3p3 where our workflows are no longer performing optimally. Specifically noticing that on workflower.finish method, SailPoint IIQ is taking more than 30 seconds to respond. Has anyone else experienced something similar?



Hi Jojo,
Thank you for the post. Have you upgraded your application server as well ?


Tomcat needs to be updated as well?

Did you check the matrix for 8.3?

Yeah we checked and we are on the correct version. We dug further and realized the workflow is calling account selector rule on all roles the requestor has. Seems to be an OOTB LCM Provisioning behavior on compilePlan. Have you seen this behavior?

No Jojo, i have not seen this but just to add that do you have any code that is using deprecated apis ? There are some enhancements made to 8.3p3 please check the release notes.

Thank you but no deprecated apis either. We did notice that we missed a change related to the keystore which was added with 8.0. This seems to have improved the slowness drastically.


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