Workflow Execution History of Loop Child Workflows

Does anyone know if you can get the workflow execution history of the child workflows started when using loops? GET /workflow-executions/:id/history doesn’t seem to support getting these. We have some scenarios where the loops is saying it’s completing successfully but the Manage Access actions internal are not being executed. Having these details would be helpful in debugging.

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@adunker - At this moment, I do not think we have any way of retrieving the child workflow history. I needed this as well, but couldn’t find any documentation or leads so far.

But, we can use webhooks to understand the response of the step if it is non-prod environment. I have seen a good article about it as well.

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Thanks @uday_kilambiCTS

If you want to use for Prod purposes, you can host locally using their GitHub Repo. I haven’t tried this myself but a good option.

Another way is to use “Send Email” action in the workflows itself.


Yes, I mostly use the send Email step to verify the output. I will give a try for GitHub Repo to host it locally, seems like another good option.

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