Workday Source - To pull in candidates in background check status

Hi everyone,

I am looking to improve our sailpoint implementation process with our HR system.

We currently have two identity profiles set up:

  1. Workday Prehires identity profile: This profile is connected to a workday prehire source which is a delimited file connection type flat file. We use this source to pull in candidates are in background check status

  2. Workday Production identity profile: This profile is connected to the workday production source which is OOTB. We use this source to pull in all active workers including ready for hire status.

I would like to combine these two identity profiles into one profile so it is easier to manage and causes less redundacy. Workday prehires source enables us to give atleast 3 weeks notice as the candidate is in background check and we can get everything ready for the new hire setup.

What would be the best recommendation in terms of handling background check candidates in the workday production source as well? Currently, workday production source OOTB only pulls in workers with active state but does not pull candidates in recruiting stage which is background check.

Any recommendations will be highly appreciated! Thank you!

Identity profiles are 1-to-1 relationships with authoritative sources. You can’t link two sources to a single identity profile. In order to accomplish your goal, you will need to get the Workday connector to aggregate both your recruits and the active workers. I don’t have any experience configuring the Workday connector, but you will likely need to play around with the aggregation filters for the workday source.

It sounds like you might want to take a closer look at item #6 and #12, as they may be the key to aggregating your pre-hires.

Thanks Colin. I did some reasearch and looks like the prehires (recruitment phase) is a separate api call from the workers API. Workday OOTB only supports workers api so currently it is not possible to pull in prehire candidates from workday OOTB.

The aggregation filter would only look at workers data, I assume. Recruitment handles candidates before they become workers in workday.

This will need to be an enhancement to the workday connector. If you haven’t already, can you please submit an idea?

Hi Colin,
I believe workday only made the workers API public so this could be more of a workday limitation.