What is the public attribute on the saved search? How does it help?

Dear Experts,

We see that the saved search API refers to a public attribute. Requesting you to help us understand the need for this.

We assumed that this would show the saved search to all users, however, it is not behaving this way.

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Hi @SandilyaKrovvidi,

Setting public to true should make the search visible to everyone in IDN within the saved search queries pane: https://{tenant}.identitynow.com/ui/search/search.

Setting public to false should only be visible to you and other admins.

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Hi @colin_mckibben

I have tried this and it is not working as expected. Please help.


Engineering has confirmed that all saved searches are private, and the “public” attribute was never implemented. We will be removing the “public” attribute from the docs to avoid further confusion. Thank you for pointing this out to us.

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@colin_mckibben : Is it possible for saved search to show to other admins ? This is a requirement which we’re looking for since if one admin created a schedule and if that admin is on leave, this provides ability for other admins to change or modify schedule or searches as needed.