What is the difference between Delta Aggregation and an Optimized Aggregation in IdentityNow?

Are the two any different?

I assumed Delta Aggregation for a source like AD would be optimized aggregation, but even when I do uncheck Delta Aggregation in the source config, I still see aggregation task results with “Optimization: Enabled”.

If I do the aggregation via REST API with disableOptimization set to true, it actually does disable the optimization: but what is being optimized and how?

Delta aggregation aggregates the accounts that have been created or changed since the previous aggregation. Running aggregation with the option to disable optimization will re-run the correlation of the accounts to identities. So with optimization on, it won’t attempt to correlate accounts that have already been aggregated before (only new ones). If you change your correlation rules, you’ll want to run with disable optimization turned on.


Thanks Alex, that was helpful.

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