Welcome to Developer Days 2023!

Hey everyone,

After almost six months of planning, Developer Days is finally upon us. Over the next few days our community will be coming together to share a wide range of technical topics on both IdentityNow and IdentityIQ.

The conference starts today at 9:00am CT (GMT-6) and I hope you’ll join us over at Developer Days 2023!

Chat will be available on the stream, and you can also join us directly in Discord if you’d like: https://discord.gg/sailpoint

See you there!

@jordan_violet Are you aware how/where we can view the recordings of each session?

Very excited to watch day 1!


Hey Hein,

I expect late March, early April at the latest.


@jordan_violet are these recordings on Discord or links here or somewhere in SailPoint namespace??

@pmsearle90 you can find them right here! Thank You for Attending Developer Days 2023