Thank You for Attending Developer Days 2023

Hey everyone, I want to thank everyone here in the SailPoint Developer Community who helped make our first conference for developers, Developer Days, such a success! Please know that this is only the beginning. From the developer conference to tools like the SDKs & CLI—we’re just getting started.

We’ve heard your feedback, both good and bad, and we’re going to take it all into account when planning what comes next year.

In the meantime, let me answer the two most common questions right up front:

Where are the recordings?
You can find the recordings for each stage here:

IdentityNow stage recordings: Developer Days 2023 - IdentityNow - YouTube

IdentityIQ stage recordings: Developer Days 2023 - IdentityIQ - YouTube

How can I get access to the presentations/code from the presenters?
I’m going to get the presenters slides up today, but I will not have access to any code that they shared throughout the conference. You will need to find the appropriate thread (named and tagged for easily finding) over in the Developer Days forum category and ask the presenter to share their files. You are welcome to tag me if you aren’t getting a response from the presenter, and I can try contacting them.

Here are some statistics from the conference for those of you interested:

  • We had over 2,000 attendees across 650 unique organizations that attended.
  • We received over 3,000 surveys across almost 50 sessions giving us a very generous 9.3/10 for the overall delivery of our speakers
  • When you were asked how Developer Days compared to other conferences you’ve attended (0 being the worst you’ve ever seen, and 10 being the best you’ve ever been to) you gave us a 9.1/10
  • When asked if it met your expectations, you gave us a 9.5/10
  • When asked if you’d recommend Developer Days to a friend of colleague, you gave us a 9.6/10
  • When asked if you would attend again, you gave us a 9.9/10

Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to all of the community presenters for helping make our first Developer Days the success that it was. We have so many things learned—things that we did right and plan to do again, things that we didn’t do well and have documented so we can avoid those same mistakes in the future, and an endless list of suggestions for next time.

Let us know right here what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what you hope to see next time!

As of today, all sessions that had presentations/PowerPoints now have them uploaded to the original post in #dev-days.

I’ve finished the video edits this weekend and they will be uploaded this week—your feedback was heard!

Please, continue to share feedback and let us know what you think!

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Thanks for the quick turnaround time on these. By far my favorite Identity event in years. The Discord chat added an extra element by allowing us to interact with the speakers. Can’t wait for the next one! Truly nailed this event. 10/10.

Thank you so much for the kind words, Philip. It was the first event we’ve ever put on as a team, so those words mean a great deal!

Everything can improve though! Is there anything you wish you would have seen this time around, or hope to see next year?

I wouldn’t have changed anything. For the next Developer Days perhaps one or two more customer talks focusing on how they are creatively solving business problems would be nice. In addition a talk on the behind the scenes journey to deprecate the cc api would be of interest.


Sounds like I’ll be reaching out to you about talking next year? :grinning:

Hello Team,

I am trying to access the developer days content ( Attended in Mar 23) but looks like the website is asking for authorisation. I am not able to recollect any credential used. I have access to University side but looks like I lost access to developer website. Could help me regain the access?

Thanks & Regards,

Nandakishore Anthati

Hi Nanda,

I moved your comment to this, more appropriate thread. In the top of this thread you’ll find the links to YouTube for all of the Developer Days videos.