WebServices XML Add-Entitlement

I’m trying to implement Add-Entitlement operation for XML request/response. I’m referring to this document WebServicesAfterOperationRule but I don’t seem to find it for XML.
Could someone guide me?

You should be able to follow the documentation for the json operation rule and use similar code. If you are unsure of the data that is coming in, then I suggest you print out the objects and then check out your ccg.log to get an idea of the data coming in. Also, did you see the xml examples in the documentation: XML Response Examples

Thanks Philip. Yes, I had a look at the operation rules and made slight progress i.e., to add entitlement via plan through Add-Entitlement operation with hard-coded user data, now I’m running into another issue
The issue we are facing is, there is an POST call which has to be made to add the entitlement to the user and it has to be added through body payload. The payload also contains certain other identity attributes like firstname, lastname etc., which has to be dynamic too.
In this case, I’m able to add the entitlement through plan using Add-Entitlement operation type but since the other identity attributes need to be dynamic, IDN throws an error to add Update operation. So how can we manage dynamic content of identity attributes and entitlement addition on a single payload?

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I’m going through the same problem.
I’m using the same POST method in Create-Account and Add-Entitlement.
In Create-Account I can the identity attributes in the payload and Identity Now sends everything correctly.
In Add-Entitlement, it always sends the payload empty.

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