Webservice - UPDATE operation $ plan


I do have all operation up and running for Webservice (Create/Enable/Disable/2levelsAggregate)

Nevertheless UPDATE is a huge bummer (first name sync).

  1. Of course on Postman it works
  2. Like on the screen attached, underlined - whenever it is $plan.FN$ value, it throws an error 500 (wrong payload error)
  3. When I have put static FN value KASIA, it runs perfectly

What is wrong with $plan.FN$ - I do have it in CREATE exactly the same and it works :thinking:


Solved by unknown reason - copied and re-pasted this code to normal notepad (perhaps some formatting glitch) did the thing

@JakubDudek I see that $plan.FN in your code is missing the $ at the end. Maybe that fixed the issue?

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Thank you, indeed. However with $ properly it still was returning error 500, so some rich formatting perhaps got smuggled in-between.

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That’s so interesting. I’ll keep that in mind for when I implement some web service connectors. Thanks for the tip @JakubDudek :slight_smile: