Using v3 Search API to read Accounts

I want to use the Search API to read Accounts from a specific source while, limiting the attributes returned to exclude multivalued attributes (I want to see just the accounts and not the entitlements).

The v3 Search API has “accounts” as one of the possible indices - but when using this API with an the accounts index returns no results.

Can someone confirm that I can use the v3 Search API to read accounts, and if so how I would specify the Source to read from and what content I would need in the Body?

Any help is provided is very much appreciated.

Welcome to the developer community Adrian.

That is a documentation bug. Search doesn’t support accounts as an index at this time. You can see a true list of the searchable fields in our search documentation.

If you want to query accounts, you must use the v3 accounts API.

Thanks very much for the quick reply.

I have used the accounts API - however, it does not enable me meet my requirements which is to generate a list of accounts for a source while being able to exclude any multivalued attributes and attributes I don’t care about.

I need to do this because the Source I am trying to export accounts for via the UI created a CSV with too many rows for Excel to handle (the product of AD Accounts and Group Memberships).

The only other way I can conceive of getting the data I want is to build another source that excludes Group Memberships - not ideal

If you’re comfortable with scripting, you could write a script to preprocess the CSV file by removing any rows that contain the product of AD accounts and Group memberships that you don’t need. That could be a way to get the total number of rows down into a size that Excel can handle.