Unspecifed connector failure


We implemented IdentityNow earlier this year and initially setup a connection to Active Directory but not Azure AD (we use both).

We recently decided to create a connection for Azure AD. I am currently testing this in the sandbox environment. I can aggregate all uses and groups without issue.

When I create a role or access profile with entitlements that are from Azure AD i am getting an error without much detail.

After submitting the access request I get “unspecified connector failure” in the access request and cant find any other detail. I am assuming that I could be missing some attributes or there could be something configured incorrectly in the connection. Can anyone help point me in the right direction here ?

Hey Joey,

i. The error encountered when creating the role or access profile would have a unique UUID which you can then search and see what specific error you are encountering.

ii. For the unspecified error when performing access request.
You can enable the debug logging from the sandbox tenant and additionally also enable the connector specific logging on the VA to capture more verbose error.

I have seen the actual error being logged when you enable the connector level log and capture it from the VA.


Thank you for the information. We have debug logging turned on for the VAs but i dont know exactly what you mean by enabling the connector level log.

Also i dont think i would know where to start to look for the error in the log files.

Refer to this article regarding enabling the connector logging and how/where to check logs.
Enabling Connector Logging in IdentityNow - Compass (sailpoint.com)

Screenshot 2024-05-17 153157

is the accountUuid supposed to say Null ?

Suggestion : I haven’t specifically worked on IdentityNow, but saw this issue in IIQ and the root cause was a particular group or attribute was going as null while provisioning.

This is only happening for Distribution groups. I have tested security groups and Microsoft 365 groups and those one are working just fine.

am having same issue After submitting the access request I get “unspecified connector failure” in the access request does this issue resolved let me know if you got the fix

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