Unable to call multiple end points in WebServices

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.X

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We are trying to implement a poC where we are integrating Service Now Using Rest API. While doing the account aggregation, we also wanted to bring the user membership and roles details as well. How to acheive the same.

Are you using Service Now connector or building your own with WebService connector?

Hi @Sukumar_roy -

In order to call multiple end points for webservice connector you need to follow below steps -
Let say you wanted to bring the user_roles and user_groups from service now. For this first you need to define the same under account schema and mark them as Managed,Entitlement and Multivalued.
Once you done this then you need to add Account Aggregation operation. Here there would be total of three account aggregation operation following a specific order i.e. First bring Account data then role/group membership data.
Now in order to pass the output of one operation to another you need to follow the below -

Refer the sample images below -

For more info refer here- Multiple Independent Endpoints (sailpoint.com)

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Yes Iā€™m using WebService connector

@officialamitguptaa Thanks for providing me valuable insights. let me try.

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