Total IDN Users count in a transform

Hello Team,

Could anyone please help me regarding the below scenario?

We’ve 2 attributes in IdentityNow. For example, ‘Seq_ID’ and ‘Total_list’. We’ve to set Seq_ID initial value as 50,000 and build a logic for Total_list.

Logic: Seq_ID +( P+1). where P is total number of users in IdentityNow. For eg, if there are 700 users in IdentityNow then Total_list in identityNow should be : 50,000+700+1 i.e 50,701.

Can we build it using transform/rule? Please suggest

This sounds like a rule. Transforms don’t have the ability to query data in IDN, like total number of identities. @tyler_mairose do you have any thoughts on this?

Hello @Mane1,

I agree with @colin_mckibben here. You will not be able to implement this with a transform. I have a few suggestions you can try and implement.

You could use an AccountAttributeProfileRule and call the countAccounts using the IDNRuleUtil Using IDNRuleUtil as a Wrapper for Common Rule Operations - Compass to then get your total users for the application.

If the source you are interacting with is a web service, you could use a web service before provisioning rule. The Public Identities API with count=true will return the total number of users.

I would like to know more about your use-case for this generated id. I am also wondering if this can be accomplished a different way with our Username Generator Transform and the {uniqueCounter}.

Hi @tyler_mairose ,

Thank you very much. Our use case is we need to create one attribute in IdentityNow where it should have the value of : Seq_ID +(p+1). i.e intial value we can set to a number. and p is total no.of users in IdentityNow. It should also satisfy according to current date. for example, today total users in IdentityNow = 50, i.e Seq_ID +(50+1). After 7 days etc, if IDN total users count increased to 75 then it should be : Seq_ID+(75+1).

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