To Populate an Identity Attribute

Hi Experts,

I’m trying to populate a value in Identity attribute when a user gets a added to a role. Is there any option to achieve this as I don’t see an option through workflow.

How does the user get added to a role? Is it calculated based on some entitlement or attribute criteria? Or is it purely access request?

On top of @colin_mckibben 's questions - Does the role contain access? And can the access in the role be granted by some other mechanism?

Depending on the answers to these questions you can likely create a transform that will calculate what you are looking for, but the structure of the transform could vary widely based on these answers.

@colin_mckibben User gets added to the role based on entitlement criteria.

@KevinHarrington The role does not contain any access. Our goal is to populate an identity attribute when a user gets added to an AD group.

Can you please elaborate on your use case? What are you ultimately trying to do? I ask because there may be a different approach than using identity attributes and roles.

Plug your group name in where my fake DN is below and update your return values.

        "name": "Member of specified AD Group",
        "type": "static",
        "attributes": {
            "groupMember": {
                "attributes": {
                    "ignoreErrors": "true",
                    "values": [
                            "attributes": {
                                "sourceName": "Active Directory",
                                "attributeName": "sAMAccountName",
                                "accountPropertyFilter": "(memberOf.containsAll({\"cn=groupname,dc=domain,dc=com"}) )"
                            "type": "accountAttribute"
                "type": "firstValid"
            "value": "#if($groupMember == \"NONE\")NOT IN GROUP#{else}IN GROUP#end"
        "internal": false

This will get you the value if the user is a member of the group.


@colin_mckibben I’m trying to launch a campaign for an Identity when AD groups gets added to this Identity’s AD account. I just found the workflow trigger Native Change detection update which is helpful to achieve this use case,


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