Test Connection is failing when uploading config.yaml file in VA

Hi all,

We are facing the following error when configuring VA and uploading config.yaml into v-sphere.
When we give test connection its shows like Unable to Connect to VA

VA error

When we checked the va-agent log file there we have identified the below error:
Failed to open TCP connection and also added port 443 firewall settings but it still shows same only.

The tenant url have something like this https://.identitynow-demo/com, whether we want to allow this url in VA?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Shantha Kumar

Hi Shantha,

Try this: curl -i https‍://tenantName.identitynow.com

Use the tenant url https://xpto.identitynow-demo.com

If curl is not recognized, try in the home/sailpoint directory:

./tb start
./tb session

And run curl.

@originalmths I have tried this the connection was established from tenant to VA and also we ping the local system IP Address, but still facing the same issue.

@Santhakumar Is this a demo tenant you are trying to configure? If so, have you downloaded the appropriate VA image to use with your demo tenant? The standard production VA image will not work with demo tenants.

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Is the proper va image from the tenants va configuration page for the devrel tenants?

Is there a way to distinguish builds to know what tenant should be needed or what is installed?

As to customer tenants, is the va different for a sandbox and a production? I don’t recall the error, but we had an issue where a customer had a problem only with one of the tenants, such as the sb tenant. But the other tenant va they could rebuild just fine. Support ended up sending them a specific va to use.

The below link directed me to another link to download the VA. Once I configured this VA, it connected just fine.

(1) SERI Partner Demonstration Environment - Compass (sailpoint.com)

@ts_fpatterson Thanks for the solution, I have downloaded the VA image from the link you have shared it’s working now.

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