Targeted Certification Custom Certifier rule

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Version 8.3

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I want to stage a Targeted Certification with a certifier rule. Is it possible to set the manager of user as certifier for his/her all role/groups access except a particular/some group(s) access should be certified by a workgroup. How can I write a certifier rule for this.

If the certifier is different then maybe it would be easier to configure a separate certification for those certifiers. Spliting at item level may not possible in entity based rules like certifier rule. Pre-delegation rule maybe an option to write a rule to re-assing items and use context commits to save it.

I think it’s better to have separate access review for this . one is manager review with the exclusion rule to exclude few entitlement based on your requirement .
same way another one most it would be EO or workgroup again based on your requirement .

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@pradeep_kumar54 - It’s always better to separate both access reviews as suggested by @vishal_kejriwal1.

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