Supported MS SQL driver jar file version for IIQ 8.3p1

We are working on Upgrading IIQ from 8.0p3 to 8.3p1.

I know that Starting with IdentityIQ 8.2, the Oracle driver and MS SQL driver are not included in the OOTB delivery in \WEB-INF\lib. We would need to download the latest driver from the vendor and place it into that folder as directed in the Release Notes.

I would like to know which version of this jar is supported because I can find the latest 11.2 version from the below like is not supported and I get the error. So to fix this I placed the old mssql-jdbc-7.4.1.jre11.jar file which I had it in lib folder of IIQ 8.0 .

Any thoughts about the supported MS SQL driver jar file version for IIQ 8.3p1?

What error are you receiving? The 11.2 JDBC drivers are compatible with SQL Server 2017 and 2019 which is what IIQ 8.3 requires you to run on, so 11.2 should in theory work fine. I upgraded to the 10.2 JDBC driver last year and there was one crucial change that I needed to make which was adding the encrypt=false argument to my dataSource.url entry in the file since TLS encryption was enabled by default in the 10.2 drivers.

Thank you @patrickboston

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