Streamlining your IdentityIQ deployments with APIs


In the absence of an automated deployment process, you are subject to multiple tabs/ssh windows open, manually importing config files, errors as a result of manually typing commands, and more. Not to mention, rollbacks may require a more lengthy and laborious process or the option may not even exist. Community ambassador, Zac Adams, talks about his solution of deployment scripts using Tomcat Manager APIs.

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Hi @zac_adams_iid,
Could not join the session today.
Any documentation or webinar that will be shared ?

Absolutely, I’ll be sharing example code from both presentations today :smile:

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The reason for the issue seen during this panel was due to the application server running out of space during the deployment process as a result of the Catalina rolling logs. To find this issue I started by attaching to the iiq console on the application server and received the following error:

webapps/identityiq/WEB-INF/bin# ./iiq console
2024-04-16 19:53:42,072 main ERROR Unable to create file /tmp/sailpointDiscardedMessages.log No space left on device
	at java.base/ Method)

You could also find this error by looking at your catalina logs but I often find I can find fatal issues quicker and easier by first doing a quick check to see if iiq console can be ran. I simply cleared out the log files that were filling the volume and performed a followup deployment to get the application back online.

To avoid this issue in your own deployments I recommend adding a line to the deploy script to clean out old logs from your tomcat log folder if you don’t have automated cleanups already in place!