Starting to catalog breaking API changes from 8.1 to 8.2

Feel free to add to this thread! I realize that some of these are not supported public APIs, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who has been using them for customer implementations.

Things I’ve found so far:

  • Utility classes that were part of the connector-bundle.jar are now wholly inaccessible without special work. If you’re doing anything custom leaning on, say, the Web Services connector’s OAuth token classes, they are not there anymore without classloader magic.
  • You know how your IDE automatically completes Util with connector.common.Util and you don’t notice because it has a lot of the same methods? That’s gone too.
  • The AbstractConnector.isNullOrEmpty method is now private.
  • The connector bundles now include their own versions of a whole slew of libraries, notably SSHJ. If you were depending on a particular version of a particular library being available at a connector level, it may not be anymore and there’s not a great way to change that.
  • The JsonHelper.toJson() method has a different signature (now has a second varargs parameter). Previously compiled Java code won’t be able to find the method now. This is unfortunate because the other JSON conversion methods were deprecated. Additionally, createObjectMapper is now private. These basically eliminate the possibility of having shared JSON-related Java code between 8.1 and 8.2 installs.

Hey @drosenbauer,

Thank you for sharing this feedback! The majority of our staff are currently away for the holiday weekend, but I will be sure to pass this information along to appropriate teams when we return for work on Tuesday, July 5th. :slight_smile:

The BSFRuleRunner class now has a constructor parameter rather than using Spring to inject the object pool implementation. Obviously this isn’t intended as a “public” API but it does break my internal test harness!

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Hey @drosenbauer,

Just to follow-up, I wanted to let you know that this thread has been shared with the Product Management team and we will be sure to keep them apprised of any updates or additions that are posted here.