Sp-object-suggest search wild card


How to change behavior of Identity and ManagedAttribute search in sp-object-suggest? I need the search to be wild card, but currently it is just searching based on initial letters.
Say, I have two ManagedAttribute or Identity

If I A, both should come, but currently it is just searching A instead of showing both.

Hello @ashishbhatia,

May you express more on which view you mentioned here? If you are pointing to LCM Manage Access, then the search is controlled by FullTextIndext.

Since you are pointing to sp-object-suggest, basically, only Identity object can be controlled by object Configuration:IdentitySelectorConfiguration while ManagedAttribute is not possible to be easily configured per my knowledge.

And to have wildcard search, you can modify the corresponding IdentityFilter, for example, in the IdentityFilter “Global”, you probaly wants to change firstname.startWithIgnoreCase() to firstname.contains().