Single account aggregation for a account known to exist but not yet seen by connector

I’m exploring a solution here and I’m wondering if anyone has tried anything similar or knows how this could be done with API’s.


We have 2 sources that connect to the same endpoint. Reason is source A creates the account and source B edits some specific attributes after the fact due to the need of a specialized BP rule to make sure that none of the attributes are missing since the source requires a full payload and doesn’t support patching only some of the attributes.

I’m developing a solution leveraging power automate and event trigger “Access Request Submitted” the idea is that power automate holds the request on Source B up in processing until it sees the account appear in Source B. (since source A is making the account it technically exists as soon as that request is processed, however, Source B does not pick it up until the next scheduled aggregation)

My question is - is it possible to get Source B to pick up a single account and not have to wait until the scheduled aggregation is completed by using some API or set of API calls to essentially force it to see the account.

If a user requested an account on source A and then also requested Source B the goal is that if source A is approved and processed the api could then aggregate a single new known account on source B without needing a full aggregation, since I do not want to execute an aggregation in full as the time is signficant for this source and were limited/charged by calls made.

I’m wondering if I’m overthinking it and this is just as simple as a GET call for the account by passing the known nativeIdentity from source A, would that update Source B considering the values are the same?

Hi @ndanjou,

I don’t think there is a way to do single account aggregation on an account that has not been aggregated into a source. It only works on accounts that are aggregated at least once into IDN in that specific source.

IDN requires the account ID to make the API call and the ID will be different in different sources.

Below is the API used for single account aggregation.

thanks Jesvin, that was my assumption too, the problem is minimal, just means a delay i was hoping to minimize with some creative approach. Guess theres no way to accomplish it as i suspected.