Sending List data from Form to HTTP Request in a workflow is removing item separator

I am having an issue when passing formdata from a multi-select dropdown field to a text field in an HTTP Request. It is removing all item defining character, but leaving the list brackets.
So in the formdata for the requestedAssts field, it looks like this when viewed in the Execution results CSV:

"formData":{"hardwareReferenceId":"None4","hardwareRequired":true,"selectHardwareNeeded":["Keyboard","Monitor","Desk Chair","Desk"]

but when it is put into the HTTP Request action, it is received on the other side as this:

selectHardwareNeeded: [Keyboard Monitor Desk Chair Desk]

As you can see, this causes issues when an item has multiple words in it.

What I have currently

I have a form that is used to gather required assets needed for a new on-site user when they join the company. The first workflow sends a form to the user’s manager. For simplification, this form has a text field, and a Dropdown that allows multiple items to be selected, but no freeform text. This works fine, and the manager can fill the form out.

I have a second workflow that has a Form Submitted trigger that is looking for the form in the above workflow to be completed. When it sees the form is completed, it takes the formdata, plubs it into the body of an HTTP Request, and sends it off to the downstream system ( for testing)

This seems like it is a bug, but could very well be a design decision. What I am looking to find out is the following:

  1. Is this a bug?
  2. Is there a work around I could try to get this working at the moment?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Geoff. This is currently a limitation with inline variables within workflows. Please see this answer to another post with the same problem.