Select Entitlement Source in Create Access Profile

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When we create an access profile through the UI, we would need to select the entitlement source. The following is visible when we start typing with the letter A:

Note that all A’s are marked with bold letters, not only the first letter.
Now we add the letter D. We get this:

No results appear here. Interestingly when typing the letter D, we did still see the sources Azure AD and Azure AD AIG, where now the AD part was in bold. But we only see this for a split second, after which it disappears.

This is because this search option is filtering based on the “starts with” operation instead of the “contains” operation.

Given that many of our sources could start with the same prefix, (maybe to signal it is a SAP system, that it is a development environment, or a copy/demo source), it would make sense to actually use the “contains” operation.
So if our sources look like (example names):
D - SAP - Finance4Us
D - SAP - HRtoGo
We would want to easily find D - SAP - Finance4Us by typing “Fin” instead of having to type “D - SAP - Fin”

I would expect that this can be achieved by changing just two letters somewhere in the code (change “sw” to “co”). Note that “co” is already supported for the API that the UI uses (v3/sources)

If this is done, the fact that the UI marks all A’s as bold would then also make sense.

Thank you in advance!

This is Interesting to find out, i do agree with you @angelo_mekenkamp, lets see what others has to say on this.

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Thank you Dheeraj!

If you agree could you please hit that vote button that is visible on this page?
Not sure how big the impact of another vote will be, but I guess it doesn’t hurt :smile:

@angelo_mekenkamp Done :slight_smile:

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I’ve noticed how these select boxes work varies a lot depending on where you are in the UI. Some are “contains” and some are “starts with”, but you have to use them a lot in order to remember which one is which. It’s a frustrating UI experience