Searching for Privileged Accounts

Hi all,

I am looking for a search that will return all my privileged accounts. A privileged account is one that has an entitlement that is marked as ‘privileged:true’
This link has an example: IdentityNow Common Search Queries - Compass (
It says, I should use: @accounts( privileged:true )

I run that query and I get nothing back… I have checked and I have an entitlement that is privileged and there are 10 identities with access to that entitlement.

I ran an aggregation and processed the identity, but still nothing is coming back in the query…

Any ideas?

The entitlement has been marked as privileged for a while (weeks) and the identities have also had the entitlements for weeks.


Never mind… I have the answer: @access(privileged:true) seems to work. I am getting my 10 identities back.

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@access(privileged:true) try this

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