Salesforce Integration with Sailpoint

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Version 8.0

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Hello. New here. I think I’ve probably tagged incorrectly, but couldn’t find appropriate tags - so if there’s a better place to post this, lmk.

I’m new to Sailpoint. I’m on the Salesforce side, and we’re trying to integrate Sailpoint to Salesforce. So that the entitlements requested provision/deprovision Users in Salesforce.

On the Salesforce side, we have 4 attributes that need to be selected by the user: (Salesforce Profile, Salesforce Role, Pickklist 1, and Picklist 2)…

So, we’re ok with combining the names of the Salesforce Profile & Salesforce Role to be an Entitlement… so, thus far, the number of Sailpoint Roles that we’re going to have is (Salesforce Profile x Salesforce Role.

And this brings us to 28 Sailpoint Entitlements. That’s fine… the issue is the number of values that a user can choose from in Salesforce is 18 and 10… so it seems to me that the number of Sailpoint Roles will be 28 x 18 x10? Is there a better way to do this?

And Apologies, I’m probably not using the right names for this.

Hi @jbviado ,
You can refer to this integration document for Salesforce SailPoint integration “doc link”.

Thanks Priyam, I think this is less of an actual connection question, but more of a nuance in how Sailpoint is structures entitlements and how Salesforce structures entitlements.

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