SailPoint “Services Standard BeforeProvisioning Rule"

The “Services Standard BeforeProvisioning Rule" is obviously available for use / deployment, but I haven’t been able to find any page on Compass, Developer, etc. that clearly defines this (i.e. what is it, how to get it, etc.) or anything related to version changes. Without any proactive communication from SailPoint we’re not aware of any updates that may be beneficial to the clients we’re working with and I’m hoping someone has some insight to documentation available or planned.

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To that point Ed noted above, it was communicated to our client (by SP) that 1.7.1 is the most current and they have 1.5 now in both tenants. They are asking what is the delta between the two? How long will SP support 1.5?

You can create ticket in ES queue and they will hand over documentation for rule.

That’s definitely possible (for a price - billable hours), but if this is “Standard” why isn’t the documentation, change logs, etc. communicated like other similar items (i.e. APIs, connectors, etc.)

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Have you been able to get an answer for this? I too am wondering what updates have been added and where to find the latest version and see the change log!

No response and it appears the Rule hasn’t been updated in many months.