SailPoint IdN Workflows: Create A Campaign action not accepting variable

I am creating a workflow within IdentityNow to certify and remove access after a certain date. Below is the structure of my workflow.

The HTTP requests above pulls the Role ID from the trigger, and returns the Role Owner’s Technical ID. The issue is I have the JSON expression to get the Technical ID of the Role Owner, but when I put that expression in the “Create A Campaign” Action’s reviewer identity ID. Nothing shows up. The Identity is valid and everything.


To reiterate: The trigger is an access request decision which contains the role id, the http requests pull the role details, then the Role Owner’s Tech ID. After, the expression that possess the Role Owner’s Technical ID is not showing up in the Reviewer Identity section of the “Create A campaign” Action. The action refuses to receive any expressions.

I tested this with different expression and no matter what the “Create Campaign” refuses to accept any expressions.

Hi Tyrone,

What API are you calling with HTTP Request 1? It looks like you are trying to reference an ID that isn’t compatible with the cert campaign reviewer identity. Might I suggest you instead call the get role API and use the attribute instead?