Rule to check uniqueness in IDNow

Hello everyone,

As part of our implementation, we are generating usernames and emailId for all new users and want to check for uniqueness within IdentityNow. We are thinking of going for a IdentityAttribute Rule which can be mapped to the attributes on identity profile. Two questions here:

  1. If we have to use the below method of IdnUtil wrapper class, the first input parameter must be searchable and non-null. Is it safe to assume that “uid” and “email” attributes of Identity are by default searchable?

public int countIdentitiesBySearchableIdentityAttribute(String attributeName, String operation, String value)

  1. Has anyone tried this approach of checking uniqueness in IdentityAttribute rule and is successful?
    Any pointers here would be of great help.

Hi @rash_sarathi,
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uid & email are searchable attributes. To make any Identity attribute searchable you can use this API API to Extend Customizable Correlation Attributes - Compass (
This approach has been successfully implemented in rules. You can use this as below example:

int count = idn.countIdentitiesBySearchableIdentityAttribute(“uid”, “equals”, “uidValueHere”);
if(count == 0) {
return “uidValueHere”;

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Thank you Anamica. This is really helpful. We are able to create more searchable attributes using the APIs now.