countIdentitiesBySearchableIdentityAttribute method of IDN Rule Util

Does this method take care of searching on multi valued attributes?
public int countIdentitiesBySearchableIdentityAttribute(String attributeName, String operation, String value)

For example: If an identity has department : {Finance, HR, IT} where department attribute is multi valued, we want to check if there are identities with Finance as one of the values, does the above method give non zero results?

Hi @rash_sarathi

An Identity Attribute can’t be multivalue, you are talking about a single value concatenated like this: “value1, value2, value3”.
supported operations for method countIdentitiesBySearchableIdentityAttribute() are “StartsWith” or “Equals” and in your case “StartsWith” can help you to solve the problem.

Can you please explain/confirm how the “startsWith” will work in this case?

e.g. Looking to check for existence of “value2”
But the concatenated value is “value1, value2, value3”

Won’t the “startsWith” still come back as false?