Role SAP with expired end date in SAP

Hey guys,

I would like to know if this is normal behavior for the idn tool.

SAP Role with an expired end date in SAP, the Entitlement is not listed in the account associated with the identity in the IDN.

When the role is expired, the idn will not read this information, correct?
So much so that when we updated the expired date with a valid one, the role appeared again.

Hi @kaiolima,

The SAP Role that you have mentioned, is it a part of the Identity

  • Through an entitlement assignment via IDN/ISC?
  • Through source aggregation as part of the account?

If it is the second case, it has to do with SAP logic, not IDN/ISC.


it is assigned through the same aggregation, second option. So is that really the case when he wins he doesn’t just read it and follows the SAP logic?

Yes, it does seem like the assignment logic is being handled through SAP.

Ideally, you should handle the business logic in SAP itself for expiration date.

I would suggest reading the SAP Supported features to check the feasibility of handling entitlement assignment through IDN.

Thanks for the clarification.

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