Role not populating based on source entitlement


We have a source (JDBC) in which we aggregate all HR data from. In the SQL query for aggregating accounts, we also read entitlements for that source that all aggregate perfectly. We want to make a role that gives birthright access depending on if you have a certain entitlement from this particular source using the Entitlement criteria for roles. The criteria shows which entitlements we can filter on based on source selected, and everything seems to be correlated and executed according to standards.

The only problem is, however, that this role is not populating the identities based on this criteria, even though we have identities with the certain entitlement we want to filter on. Has anyone else had this issue before? It seems like it happens not only for the JDBC connector entitlements but also some CSV connectors as well. Have only had a working birhtright role populated through AD connector or a web-service connector.

Appreciated if we could get some clarity in this matter as it seems that it’s just standard OOB functionality that ought to be working with ease!

The role criteria:


The entitlement attribute in the account schema:

Identity consisiting of the manager entitlement:

Entitlement info