Rest "identityIdNames" endpoint enquiry

We have a URL in Plugin that return identities, however only 1 value per attribute can be passed. Anyone know if it is possible support multi values for a given attribute? e.g. Team=Team1 OR Team=Team2





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The solution here will depend on how your endpoint is configured. You might need to change your expression so that it receives a List as an input… or, alternatively, express the input as a List: team={“operation”:“Equals”,“value”:[“Team1,“Team2”]}”

The endpoint is not custom, it is used in the Manage User Access when filtering identities. Wanted to use OR with certain attributes.

Have tried reformatting the URL to team={“operation”:“Equals”,“value”:[“Team1,“Team2”]}”, this work when only one value is use but no results when multiple. Have also tried operation like In and Like but not supported.

The endpoint you are trying to use is intended for internal use, and is not a public API. Its documentation is not publicly available. As such, it can change in future versions of IdentityIQ without any notification to customers. If this endpoint does not provide the desired results, I would suggest developing a custom endpoint (deployed via your IdentityIQ Plugin) so that you have more control over it, and can return the desired results with the formats you require.