Require Comments in Workflow Campaign

Hey Team!

I’ve noticed that the “Create Certification Campaign” action in Workflows doesn’t include the option for “mandatoryCommentRequired” attribute.

I’ve managed to make a workflow that fetches all Apps in our tenant and creates a Certification Campaign for each one, but I need to have comments enabled for Revoke Decisions.

Anyone got an idea if this is possible? HTTP requests and certification campaigns don’t really work well together in workflows due to the fact that lists are returned as MAP:s and not ArrayList’s, but perhaps that’s the only solution.



Hey Sebastian,

This is a great idea. I created a ticket, linked at the bottom of your post, to track the progress of this. The engineering team will decide the priority on this and work on it when appropriate.

In the meantime, the HTTP request action is your only other option. However, like you said, there are some limitations right now with including arrays and objects in inline variables.

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